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Community Corner: What should be our home jersey identity?

We’ve had some great looks over the years, and some meh ones. Which one’s your favorite?

Jamaica v United States - World Cup Qualifer Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The Waldo. The Centennial. The Sash. The Bomb Pop. The DTOM. The Stars. The Stripes. We’ve had some incredible looks on the field over the years for the United States Men’s and Women’s National Teams. In the stands, a diverse group of fans wear an even more diverse mix of jerseys to show their support. While many teams like England, Brazil, Argentina, France, and even Croatia have a home jersey that rarely changes, U.S. Soccer has opted for an array of looks throughout the years without much continuity. Many fans call for one, but U.S. Soccer (and Nike) have opted for the drastic changes from year to year.

So, what if U.S. Soccer went with one home look going forward for its national teams? What would that look be for you? Would you opt for a clean, white home jersey that we’ve had at several points (2000, 2014)? Would you go with a design like the sash (1950 home or 2010 home) or the vertical stripes from 2006 to have a United States jersey stand out? Or, would you go full America and opt for a jersey like the Waldos (2012 home), the Stars (1994 away), or the 2017 Gold Cup jersey?

Today’s Community Corner asks just that. We’re only worried about the home jersey today, so hit the comments and let us know which look you think should be the one the United States uses for eternity. Of course, let us know why you opted for that particular look over all others!