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Community Corner: Caps, caps, caps

Attending matches are many caps do you have?

Credit: Joshua Ganzermiller, Supporters Eye Photography

It’s matchday for the United States Men’s National Team today, and almost 20,000 people will undergo the experience that is attending a match in person. For some, it will be their first match. For others, it will be one of several dozen (or hundred) similar experiences they have with attending a match to support our beloved USMNT and USWNT.

Caps are important to many people who attend matches regularly. It’s held as a badge of honor, and many recall their favorite ones, whether it be their first match, a match where something significant happened on the field, or a particular road trip to see a match. Some have the ticket stubs as the proof, others have detailed spreadsheets that break down each match and its stats. Others choose to let pictures tell the story of their favorite matches that they attended. Most importantly, no matter if you’ve never attended a match or you’re Kristine Lilly, there are several ways to support a team. Being fortunate enough to attend in person when the team comes to your town or close by, or having the means to travel across the country or the world, is just one way to visibly exercise your passion for the game and support our national teams.

So, today’s Community Corner is a fun many caps do you have for the USMNT and USWNT combined? Fill out the poll and then hit the comments to break down how many you have! In the comments, you can talk about how many matches of each team you have attended, your favorite ones on either side, or the caps that got away from you.


How many caps do you have (USMNT & USWNT combined)?

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