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Community Corner: Who from the early 2000s would excel in 2020?

Take someone who was in their prime in the early 2000s and bring them to 2020.

John O’’Brien/Paulo Cesar Chavez

With the coronavirus pandemic shutting everything down for the foreseeable future, especially international soccer, fans have found time to relive the glory days. U.S. Soccer, FIFA, and even Fox and ESPN have been showing old matches to draw in fans who are itching for any soccer to carry them through these uncertain times.

Because of that, we have seen games featuring some of the great players to put on a United States uniform over the years. Seeing old matches where these players excelled for both the USMNT and the USWNT brings back wonderful memories. It also allows people to get into debates about whether some of those players would have been a major factor on the national teams today.

So, today’s Community Corner question is: who from the early 2000s would excel in 2020? You can take any player or two who was in their prime from 2000-2005 and place them on the USMNT or USWNT. Which players would you bring into the future? Hit the comments and let’s debate while we reminisce!