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Jersey Week: What’s the most random U.S. jersey in your closet?

We continue Jersey Week by highlighting the random names in our closets.

Bosnia & Herzegovina v United States Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images

We’ve all done it before: we’ve bought a jersey that you look back and go “Wow, remember them?” It could be a player that made the national team that was on your favorite club team or an up-and-coming talent that never really got that far. There’s even the random jersey that at the time, wearing it would raise some eyebrows.

So, we want to celebrate the random jerseys hanging in our closets. Do any of you have a Sal Zizzo United States jersey? Matt Polster? Jerome Kiesewetter? Luis Gil? Is there a player on the USWNT that you have in your closet that you have to think hard about their most recent appearance?

USA v Germany: Group C - FIFA U20 World Cup Photo by Julian Finney - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

We want to hear from you! Dig into your closet and find the most random U.S. jersey you have, whether it’s someone on the USMNT or USWNT. It can even be a blank jersey with a story. Hit the comments and let’s see them!