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Community Corner: Which U.S. players could double as a member of the Avengers?

Help us celebrate Avengers Week!

New England Revolution Players Dress Up As Avengers While Visiting Boston Children’s Hospital Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images for Boston Children’s Hospital

It’s Avengers Week at SB Nation, so fans are celebrating not just the superheroes that are a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the players on our favorite teams that we believe could be superheroes. Here, we’ve had a few United States men’s and women’s national team players that could double as members of the Avengers.

Claudio Reyna was known for years as Captain America because of how long he served as the captain of the USMNT. However, Carlos Bocanegra served as captain of the team for more matches in team history, so maybe he’s the new one. Maybe the real Captain America played for the USWNT, as Christie Rampone, Kristine Lilly, and even Megan Rapinoe could lay claim to the title.

Which goalkeeper could be Spider-Man? Is it Tony Meola and the spider kits he wore in the early days of MLS? Is it Tim Howard for stopping 16 shots against Belgium and doing it for his whole career? Or is it Brad Friedel, Briana Scurry, or Hope Solo?

Who’s Captain Marvel? The Black Panther? Thor? Iron Man? The Hulk? Today is your day to have fun with it! Today’s Community Corner question is: which U.S. players could moonlight for the Avengers? Hit the comments and let’s have some fun!