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Go Go USA! Relive the greatest moment in USMNT history

You could write a script like this!

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It’s the greatest moment in United States Men’s National Team history. You all remember where you were for that match, who you were with, and how you reacted. Landon Donovan’s goal in the 91st minute of a USMNT victory over Algeria in the 2010 World Cup set off celebrations all across the nation and in South Africa where the game was played. It was an ending you could not imagine, and it sent the USMNT through to the knockout stage.

Today marks 10 years since that incredible moment, and as you walk through the day reliving your favorite part of Ian Darke or Andres Cantor’s call, if you’re trying to run to a corner flag and slide like Donovan or do a somersault over a dogpile like Jay DeMerit, you can now do it in a new t-shirt to commemorate that moment from our partners at Breaking T! You will not find a shirt like this. Go Go USA!!