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Community Corner: What U.S. Soccer story should be turned into a documentary or podcast?

What stories need to be told?

CONCACAF Cup - Grenada v USA Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

We’ve seen some terrific moments and stories in U.S. Soccer over the years. We’ve also seen some terrible times. The United States men’s and women’s national teams have given us plenty of these moments over the course of its modern history. From the Shot Heard Around The World to the 99ers to the Catastrophe in Couva to the goalkeeper controversy in 2007, our national teams have provided moments that have shaped the course of our history.

We’ve seen some of these stories turn into wonderful podcasts and documentary: “Rise and Shine,” the story of Jay DeMerit; Grant Wahl’s latest podcast on Freddy Adu, “American Prodigy”; “American Fiasco,” Men in Blazers’ Rog Bennett’s look into the 1998 USMNT World Cup team; or ESPN 30 for 30’s “The 99ers” and “Back Pass,” both looks at the 1999 World Cup winning USWNT.

But, there are clearly other stories out there that need to be told, the forgettable and the unforgettable. Which stories do you think deserve the deep dive, to be turned into a podcast series or a documentary? That’s the Community Corner question of the week.

Hit the comments and let us know which USWNT or USMNT story that you think deserves to be told for the masses to listen, watch, and learn.