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Community Corner: What can U.S. Soccer realistically accomplish in 2021?

The Annual General Meeting is this weekend. What issues can U.S. Soccer make a priority this year?

Wellness Your Way Festival Cincinnati - Day 1 Photo by Duane Prokop/Getty Images for Wellness Your Way Festival

This weekend, the U.S. Soccer Federation will conduct its Annual General Meeting. While normally over 1,000 delegates, former players, board members, and executives would gather in a city, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s AGM is being conducted virtually.

Many of the sessions are open to the public, including the board meeting tomorrow and the National Council meeting on Saturday. There, among other issues that are discussed, will be the election for U.S. Soccer vice president. But, it’s a chance for anyone interested in the governance of the game in the United States to sit in and watch it at work, the good and the bad.

While all of these governing bodies and state and regional associations and organizations try to asset themselves into the priority checklist for U.S. Soccer, fans lament at the fact that very little actually gets accomplished. There’s not a list of action items, no follow up to see how it’s least, to the outside eye.

So, let’s create a checklist, but let’s approach it smartly. What can U.S. Soccer realistically accomplish in 2021? Big change doesn’t occur overnight, so let’s not put stuff on the list that we know just can’t happen in the remaining months of this year. But, is there something that you think U.S. Soccer can actually change for the better? Hit the comments and let’s hear what that is!