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Report: MLS teams inquiring about No. 1 allocation spot to sign Aron Johannsson

It’s going to be an interesting summer...

Soccer: 2018 FIFA World Cup Qulafying-Mexico at USA Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

According to reports, Aron Johannsson is totally for sure leaving Werder Bremen this summer. The 26-year-old striker is not happy with his current playing (or lack thereof) situation with the club and they don’t seem too keen on keeping him as they’re already searching for replacements. It’s an ugly divorce for what was supposed to be the U.S. international’s big career move.

Already questions are in the air about where Johannsson will land this summer. As with any USMNT player struggling for minutes abroad, MLS rumors have picked up at a rapid pace. Any prominent USMNT player coming to MLS have to go through the allocation process. Teams are already jockeying for position in hopes to land Johannsson this summer.’s Sam Stejskal reports that teams are already contacting the Houston Dynamo to inquire about their No. 1 allocation spot.

He also speculates on some teams that would be a good fit for the Icelandic-American:

A couple of landing spots that would make sense for Johannsson? Colorado and Philadelphia, who are currently tied for last in MLS with four points apiece.

The constant debate between MLS and Europe will continue on forever it seems. There’s no doubt that Johannsson needs a better situation for playing time. There’s also no doubt that MLS clubs value USMNT players more than teams in Europe do. Will he succumb to the temptations of that MLS money? Or will he try to find a better situation for probably less pay and stay in Europe?

It’s a huge summer for the striker as he attempts to find a consistent run of form to regain his national team spot. This decision could very well determine whether or not he has a chance at a World Cup roster spot in 2018. What should he do? Fight it out in the comments.