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Indiana Vassilev signs new deal with Aston Villa

He will remain with the club for 2 more years.

Leicester City v Aston Villa - Carabao Cup: Semi Final Photo by Malcolm Couzens/Getty Images

Indiana will continue to represent Georgia at Aston Villa. 19-year-old Indiana Vassilev signed a 2-year contract with Villa today, with the club officially announcing the deal this morning.

Vassilev will remain at Villa through June 2022. He has recently been promoted to the first team at Villa Park after beginning the season with the team’s U-23 side. He made his first team debut in January against Fulham in the FA Cup, and he’s made 4 total appearances for Villa.

Vassilev has featured for the United States U-17s and U-20s. He featured for the United States at the 2017 U-17 World Cup. He’s been on the radar to make the move to the USMNT, and if he can break through into the starting lineup at Villa, he will no doubt see his name on the USMNT roster very soon. With the number of American players in the Premier League dwindling, it’s good to see a youngster make enough of an impression for the club to want him to stay and be a part of their future.