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USA U-20s close out Marbella Tournament with loss to Canada

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The United States U-20s got off to a great start in the Marbella Tournament, beating the Russia and Ireland U-21s, but they didn't close it out very well. They let Canada's U-20s get the best of them in their tournament finale, falling 1-0 on Tuesday.

Canada took the lead after just five minutes when Dylan Carreiro found the back of the net. The Canadians' captain put his team in front, but it didn't figure to last. The U.S. were pretty big favorites, but they never took the upperhand against the Canadians.

The Americans' best chance came just before halftime when Dembakwi Yomba hit the crossbar, but that would be it for the U.S. The attack that netted them four goals against Russia was gone. They hadn't been especially great going forward against Ireland and they went dry against Canada, allowing their neighbors from the north to hold on for victory.

Losing a youth friendly isn't a big deal. These are much more about player development than anything else and Tab Ramos changed players' positions, lineups and pretty much everything besides his attempt at a possession-dominant style throughout the tournament. Still, losing isn't ideal and the U.S. closed things out with a loss.

The U.S. has World Cup qualifying in January and, if they qualify, the U-20 World Cup in May.

United States starting lineup: Castano; Moore, Carter-Vickers, Miazga, Turner; Acosta, Canouse; Thompson, Flores, Gall; Yomba