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Croatia tries to get USA U-17 star Christian Pulisic to flip

Christian Pulisic is one of the United States' brightest young prospects, but they face competition for him. The 16-year-old is from Hershey, Pennsylvania, but he has a Croatian grandparent, and Croatia are trying to get him to play for them.

Right now, it looks like he has no interest.

"He can play for Croatia, the question is will he. Croatian FA technical director Romeo Jozak has spoken to him and his family, for now the answer is negative, but we are not giving up," said Croatia U-17 coach Luka Pavlović in Croatia Week.

Pulisic was at the U.S. U-17 Residency Program in Brandenton, Florida and was a star on that U-17 team. He followed that up by signing with Borussia Dortmund and will join them as soon as he gets his Croatian passport.

It's good news that he appears committed to the U.S., and there's no reason not to, so we will get to see how he develops and whether he can make his way to the senior team one day. In the meantime, we might as well get used to other countries trying to poach our players. Most everyone in this country has ties to another country, and if the U.S. is producing good players, those other countries will undoubtedly come calling.

Oh, and about Pulisic, he's pretty damn good.