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Junior Flores to consider El Salvador after USA U-20 snub

The dual-national was omitted from the USA's U-20 World Cup squad and is now reconsidering his international future.

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

Highly touted United States U-20 prospect Junior Flores is reportedly considering switching his international allegiance to El Salvador. Steven Goff tweeted that the 19-year-old will take a hard look at his international future. The Virginia native was born to Salvadoran parents, thus making him eligible for the El Salvador national team.

El Salvador invited Flores to join their full national team a year ago. He decided to decline the invite and instead stick it out with the USA U-20's. His loyalty to Ramos' side didn't pay off as he was recently left off the roster for the U-20 World Cup. A lack of form was one of the reasons given by Ramos for the omission.

Several high-profile clubs were after Flores' signature when he as 16 years old and he eventually signed with Borussia Dortmund. He's spent most of his time in Germany at the U-19 level, but made his professional debut with BVB II in April. Flores also participated in the U-17 residency program at Bradenton, where he spent considerable time with this current USA U-20 group.

This choice will be a huge career decision for him. Since he played in an official match for the U.S. youth teams, he will have to file a one-time switch with FIFA to be able to play for El Salvador. Once he does that, he'll never be able to play for the U.S. again so if he decides on El Salvador, it's a permanent decision.