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The next great American striker hope scores an amazing goal at U17 CONCACAF Championship


The United States men’s national team have seen their fair share of strikers come and go through the years and as good as Brian McBride was and Jozy Altidore is now, we’ve yet to truly see a striker who would be deemed “world-class”. Every so often one comes along that lifts the spirits of the faithful.

I have no idea if Josh Sargent will be that world-class striker, but he’s a sure bet to be that next great hope. The youngster is the current U.S. U-17 captain at the CONCACAF Championship and already has three goals through three halves of soccer including this amazing goal against Mexico:

Without adding too much exaggerated hype on the young man from St. Louis who’s trained with Schalke earlier this year, you just don’t see this type of skill often from a pure striker.

This great individual effort was the first of two he scored in the first half against Mexico. He’s currently playing club soccer for St. Louis Scott Gallagher. There’s no telling where his professional future will take him, but you can be sure we’ll be hearing more about him soon.