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Congratulations to Christie Rampone on her 300th cap for the USWNT

Simply amazing.


Christie Rampone made her first appearance for the United States back in 1997. That was 17 years ago and tonight, with 2015 World Cup qualification on the line, the 39-year-old is going to put that U.S. badge over her heart for the 300th time.

The indefatigable is somehow earning her 300th cap tonight.

That Rampone got to this point is remarkable. Not because she isn't great, because she is, but simply because playing that many times for the national is unbelievable that anyone could reach this mark.

Only one other player, man or woman, has ever reached the 300 cap mark, and that is former teammate Kristine Lilly. Somehow, she reached 352 caps, a number that Rampone will have trouble reaching, but she is in very elite company.

Many players can't even hit the 300 appearance mark for their clubs, let alone country. It's hard enough to play for 17 years, let alone be heathy for nearly all of it and, on top of that, be first choice for one of the best teams in the world. And to think, this is a player who was a forward until joining the national team.

Congratulations, Christie. 300 caps is absolutely mind-boggling and we are proud to have seen you pull the U.S. shirt on that many times.