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Abby Wambach wins CONCACAF Female Player of the Year

CONCACAF's top women's soccer award goes to the American legend.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The CONCACAF Female Player of the Year award is staying in the United States. A year after Alex Morgan captured the honor, Abby Wambach has been given the award for 2014, giving one of the best players ever yet another piece of silverware for her trophy case.

CONCACAF introduced Female Player of the Year in 2013 so Morgan won the first award ever given out. Now Wambach has it, making the U.S. 2-for-2.

It's a bit strange that Wambach was given the award. After all, she didn't even win U.S. Soccer's Female Athlete of the Year, losing out to Lauren Holiday. The 34-year-old dealt with injuries this year, rested more as she tried to preserve her body for the World Cup and, even when she did play, was hardly at her best. There have even been calls for her to no longer be a started for the national team. But then again, women's soccer awards are normally strange, for a variety of reasons, and Wambach was also named a finalist for FIFA World Player of the Year so who knows at this point.

Wambach scored six goals in 10 matches for the Western New York Flash this season. She added 14 goals for the U.S., but Switzerland was the best team she scored against, as she racked them up against overmatches teams like Costa Rica, North Korea and Haiti.

Maybe this was a pseudo lifetime achievement award for Wambach, in which case, fine. She is one of the best women's soccer players ever so if anyone is going to be recognized for an incredible career, why not her? She's deserving of a full trophy case, and now she has another one for it.