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Happy birthday, Abby Wambach

International soccer's greatest goalscorer turns 34 today.

Al Bello

Abby Wambach is a six-time US. Soccer Athlete of the Year, FIFA World player of the Year, two-time Olympic gold medalist and has scored more international goals than any player in world soccer history. She is an American hero.

She is also 34 years old today.

One of the world's best players ever, male or female, Wambach joined the U.S. when Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy and the rest of the 1999 heroes were still around, led the transition into a new era of dominance and now is set to hand it off to another group of players, who will hopefully keep the U.S. atop the women's soccer world. But before she does that, there is still next year's Women's World Cup and (hopefully) the 2016 Olympics, two more chances for one of the best players ever to shine on the world stage.

In the meantime, have some cake. You're the best, Abby.

And because we can, here's this for the 1,000th time.