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Fox Sports will show every Women's World Cup match on FOX or Fox Sports 1

Fox Sports is going to make sure you can see every match from Canada next summer.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Every match of the 2015 Women's World Cup will be carried live on FOX or Fox Sports 1. David Neal, Fox Sports' World Cup coordinating producer, said that the United States will have live access to every match on the two most widely distributed Fox Sports channels, giving the tournament as much availability as they possibly can.

The Women's World Cup will be the first major tournament Fox Sports will cover as part of their eight-year television deal with FIFA and there has been scant information as to how they will show the tournament. It was assumed that every U.S. match would be shown live and so would much of the knockout stages, but what about the rest of the matches and what channels would they be on? That was unclear, until today. Fox Sports is giving the tournament as much coverage as possible.

There is still reasonable concern over how Fox Sports will cover the tournament. Their soccer production, both in-match and in studio, has left a lot to be desired and that is for men's soccer. They don't have anyone who could be considered a women's soccer expert on staff, adding even more reason for worry, but they have 10 months to sort that out. At least now we know they're doing everything they can to bring every match to as many people as possible and that is a fantastic -- and arguably most important -- step.