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Hope Solo has charges dismissed in assault case

The U.S. goalkeeper will not have to stand trial.

Matt Kryger-USA TODAY

The judge in Hope Solo's domestic violence assault case has dismissed all charges against the United States goalkeeper. Solo will not be subject to a trial, which was scheduled for later this month.

Solo was charged with domestic violence assault after an incident last June. She allegedly hit her nephew and his mother, leading to the charges. Solo maintained her innocence throughout and in court filings said that she was only defending herself after her nephew -- who was 17 years old and much larger than her -- attacked her with a broom handle.

Ever since Solo was charged, some people have called for her to be suspended from the U.S. national team. U.S. Soccer refused to do so, stating that they had conducted their own investigation and would let the legal process play out. Solo is currently with the U.S. team in Carson, CA for training camp.

Solo was in court as recently as last week, when her lawyer asked for the case to be dismissed because the alleged victims were not being cooperative. The judge refused to dismiss the case, but did order the alleged victims to cooperate. According to Solo's attorney, they failed to do so yet again and that led the judge to dismiss the charges.

The trial was originally scheduled to begin on January 20, which Solo would have had to be present at. It would have required her to leave U.S. training camp early, but that will no longer be a problem. There is no word on what evidence was found in the court investigation, but U.S. Soccer could use anything new in there to suspend Solo fi they find something that warrants such accention. With the case having been dismissed before trial, that seems unlikely though, and Solo will continue to play for the U.S., but without the legal cloud hanging over her head now.