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U.S. Soccer says it's possible Hope Solo does not rejoin USWNT

The federation president says there is a chance the USWNT's goalkeeper is not reinstated from her suspension.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When Hope Solo was suspended for 30 days by U.S. Soccer, the federation clearly stated that she would not be automatically reinstated after the month. Instead, she would have her situation reevaluated by the federation, who would then have to reinstate her. Now, U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati has clarified (somewhat) what that entails and said it is possible that she does not rejoin the team again.

Gulati stated that the federation has laid out some things for Solo to do while suspended and that she has to make progress on those things. And while he did not volunteer the possibility that she may not do what U.S. Soccer has asked of her, when asked whether there is a chance she is left off of the United States' Women's World Cup team, he responses, "sure."

"We've asked her to do a number of things, and she's going to have to do those things and make progress in those areas," Gulati explained. "That's possible. We hope that's not the case. We hope she's making progress and joins the team. That's certainly the goal -- hers and ours."

U.S. Soccer has not said why Solo has been suspended, only that she made "a bad decision" According to reports, she borrowed a team van and let husband Jerramy Stevens drive it while drunk. He was arrested for a DUI, and she was in the passenger's seat.

This issue is just the latest for Solo. A week earlier she had charges of domestic violence against her dismissed and while U.S. Soccer chose not to suspend her when she was arrested for that, citing their own investigation and the desire for the legal process to play out, they did take action this time.

Solo will miss the Americans' February friendlies against France and England. After that, she will be eligible for reinstatement, but as Gulati said, that is no guarantee. Solo has to satisfy the federation and, in the meantime, the U.S. will work through their other goalkeepers to prepare for the possibility that their starter never returns to the team.