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USWNT vs. England: Lineups and match thread

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start here: The United States looked terrible against France.

They were terribly outplayed and outclassed. If France are a Women's World Cup contender -- and as a talented team ranked No. 3 in the world -- then they exposed the Americans as being far from able to compete for the title. More concerning is that it came after a year of less-than-stellar play.

So when is the U.S. going to turn it around? The hope is that it starts today against England.

The Americans are in Milton Keynes for another road friendly, this time against the Three Lionesses. England are not quite as good as France, but they are still a good squad that is in the second tier of teams in the world. Coincidentally, that is where the U.S. finds themselves right now.

Can the U.S. control the midfield? Can they generate an attack that is more than long balls? Can they defend the flanks? Can Ashlyn Harris get the job done in goal?

Jill Ellis' lineup doesn't indicate that she's made all of the necessary changes, but the current roster is somewhat limiting. Abby Wambach is back in the starting XI so we'll see how that helps things, while Ali Krieger's return to the lineup should help too.


Ashlyn Harris, Ali Krieger, Whitney Engen, Beck Sauerbrunn, Meghan Klingenberg, Carli Lloyd, Lauren Holiday, Morgan Brian, Christen Press, Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan.