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Sydney Leroux marries Dom Dwyer

American soccer's favorite couple are now married.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer!

The United States striker and English-born Sporting Kansas City forward were married in January and shared the news with the rest of the world on Valentine's Day. Now, they are Dom and Sydney Dwyer. Or Sydney and Dom Leroux. Or something.

But they're happy! And they're married!

"Juggling our careers and relationship is very difficult, which is why we decided to wed privately in January," the pair said in a statement to People. "We wanted to announce our marriage at an appropriate time when we were together and at a time that suited our families. We also wanted to make sure that we told all of our close friends and teammates before we announced it publicly."

Leroux used Valentine's Day to announce the news on her Instagram, using a trio of photos and captions.

What do you do when you meet someone who has seen the best of you, the worst of you and chooses both?

A photo posted by Sydney Leroux (@sydneyleroux) on

You marry him.

A photo posted by Sydney Leroux (@sydneyleroux) on


A photo posted by Sydney Leroux (@sydneyleroux) on

Once more, congrats to the happy *married* couple.

You are officially the King and Queen of American soccer (and if there's a prince or princess one day, don't let them play for England).