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USWNT unveil new World Cup kits

The new United States women's national team kit is here. And you have to be told that it is a U.S. kit ahead of time because there's not much about it that screams America, seeing as it is a white kit with black trim and neon accents.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

The team will wear those kits at the Women's World Cup this summer. It will be their primary kit, while the blue kit that they debuted earlier this year will serve as their alternate option.

If there is good news from this new kit it is that Nike will sell them in men's sizes as well so both men and women can wear them this summer. That is a welcome change from past editions of USWNT jerseys.

Unfortunately, this kit comes as little surprise. U.S. Soccer has failed to establish anything that even resembles a brand over the last decade so Nike doesn't have anything to work off of. They don't have something to protect and promote. They don't have anything built-in to grow so they work from scratch and this is what we get.