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How will you celebrate if USWNT win the World Cup?

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

The United States is in the World Cup final. Again.

They have won the tournament twice before and are going for a record third tonight. Not only that, but they have a chance at revenge on Japan, having lost to them in the final four years ago. Basically, it's a big deal.

So if the referee blows for full time and the U.S. has won, we will see a swarm of hugs on the field. There will be tears and Abby Wambach will have finally won the trophy she has spent her whole career chasing. It will be history, and it will be emotional. It will be the greatest moment in American soccer since 1999. And what will you be doing?

Any self-respecting American will celebrate by stripping naked and going running through the streets with nothing but an American flag on. But what else will you do if the U.S. wins?

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