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Community Corner: Who’s your favorite American player of all time?

Let’s make today fun.

Mia Hamm #9

Welcome to this week’s Community Corner, where we debate the hot button issues and ask you all to take a stand. This week, we’re getting into a topic that should be a fun one. Over the course of history with U.S. Soccer, we’ve seen some terrific players with both the USMNT and USWNT. Some players were the best the United States have ever produced. Some may have just been fan favorites. In any case, from sea to shining sea, there have been endless debates about who the best players in U.S. Soccer history have been.

Today, we ask a simpler question, but one where we want you to break it down: who’s your favorite American player of all time, and why? Could it have been a player from your home state? Could it have been one of the greats that have worn the crest? Could it have been a player that may not have been the most popular among most fans, but he or she was your personal favorite?

You know the rules: pick one player. It could be on either the MNT or WNT side, but you can’t say you like all your favorites. Pick one. Next, explain why that player is the one that you will rock with forever and ever.

Hit those comments, people. Let us know who your favorite American player of all time is and why that person is your number one!