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Community Corner: What is the best U.S. match you have ever attended?

Pick just one and explain why!

France v USA: Quarter Final - 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France

The coronavirus pandemic has every sports fan yearning for the day that we can return to attending live matches in stadiums both in the United States and around the world. Until then, many are looking back at some of the classic matches in USMNT and USWNT history, whether it be a match that was important, one that had a ton of goals, or a back-and-forth game that featured two champions going at each other on the field.

However, those games that we attended in person always end up holding a special place in our hearts. Where we were sitting, who we attended with, the atmosphere inside the stadium, your vantage point for a key moment or goal...all of that adds to the memories we have. They’re not just memories in a shoebox or scrapbook. They’re vivid, and you can remember them like it was yesterday.

So, today’s Community Corner asks you to reminisce: what is the best U.S. match you have ever attended? It could be a USMNT or USWNT match, but pick just one and hit the comments to explain why that one is the best in your mind!