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Community Corner: Who is the most indispensable USWNT player?

There were a lot of moves during the January window. Which player made the best one?

Netherlands v USWNT

The United States Women’s National Team is the best team on the planet. Maybe even the galaxy. Maybe even the solar system. We can’t confirm, but until some team from a galaxy far, far away decides to come and challenge them to a match, we’ll go off the intel we have: the USWNT are the defending champions, they’re the world beaters, and no other team seems like they have the juice to prove otherwise.

But even on a team as talented as the USWNT, there are several key players that make this engine run on all cylinders. Whether it’s on defense, in the midfield, or offense, there are players who dominate, but if they aren’t available, head coach Vlatko Andonovski has several other options that will keep the engine churning.

Still, every team has a player or who that is indispensable, irreplaceable, or a player that just cannot be duplicated no matter who which option you insert in their absence. The USWNT have a couple players that fit that quality, and there are some that you can debate are irreplaceable.

The question this week is: who is the most indispensable USWNT player? Hit the comments and let us know why you went with who you selected!