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USWNT remain #1 in FIFA World Rankings

But the gap has shrunk a ton.


The United States Women’s National Team may have finished 3rd at the Olympics, but they’re still number 1 in our hearts and the rankings. Yesterday, FIFA released their updated World Rankings for women’s soccer, and the USWNT continue their reign as the top ranked team in the world.

The USWNT made it interesting, as they lost 87.04 points between June 25th and now to finish with 2110.25 in the rankings system. That accounts for the 2 wins, 2 losses, and a draw they had at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, where they finished with the bronze medal. Sweden, who beat the USWNT in the opening group stage match at the Olympics and finished with the silver, is 2nd in the rankings, up 3 spots from June and 21.53 points behind the United States. That margin is much slimmer than the June edition of the World Rankings, where the USWNT held a lead of 124.20 points over then-2nd place Germany. Canada, who won the gold medal and also beat the U.S. in the semifinals, moved up 2 spots to 6th.

The top 10 ranked teams in the world (rankings change in parentheses):

  1. USA (—)
  2. Sweden (+3)
  3. Germany (-1)
  4. Netherlands (—)
  5. France (-2)
  6. Canada (+2)
  7. Brazil (—)
  8. England (-2)
  9. North Korea (+2)
  10. Spain (+2)

Mexico (28th), Costa Rica (36th), and Jamaica (51st) round out the top 5 teams in Concacaf. The USWNT will see Paraguay (50th) next month in friendlies in Cleveland and Cincinnati, while South Korea (18th) will be their opponent during October friendlies in Kansas City and St. Paul, Minnesota. With Olympic and World Cup qualifying beginning next summer for the USWNT, you can anticipate a slew of opportunities over the next year for the team to play some quality opponents and pad their numbers in the rankings.

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