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Represent the next wave of USWNT stars

More USWNT shirt options are here!

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The 2022 SheBelieves Cup began for the United States Women’s National Team last night, as they battled to a 0-0 draw against the Czech Republic. The match saw many of the next wave of USWNT stars take the field, with Trinity Rodman making her international debut.

Now, from our friends at BreakingT, you can own the classic 4 star shirseys with their names on the back. In addition to the veterans who brought our 4th Women’s World Cup trophy home to the United States back in 2019, 9 more players are now available for you to customize on your 4-star shirsey:

Aubrey Kingsbury

Ashley Sanchez

Ashley Hatch

Alana Cook

Casey Murphy

Emily Fox

Morgan Gautraut

Sofia Huerta

Trinity Rodman

In the case of 2019 World Cup champion Gautraut, her new shirsey is a name change to reflect her married name that she now wears on the back of her jersey.

Head to our Stars & Stripes FC affiliate page over at BreakingT to take a look at all of the USWNT merchandise that’s available. And the best part is that proceeds from your purchase benefit the USWNTPA, which means you are supporting the players directly!

The next wave of USWNT stars are here, and now we can all represent them with the new merch, so check it out over at BreakingT!