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Poll Results: SSFC USWNT Goal of the Year

You voted, and one was the winner!


The United States Women’s National Team had 36 goals in 2023, and the SSFC community had the opportunity to vote from 10 finalists to determine which was the year’s best. We received 116 votes from the community and while one player was the clear favorite, it was close on which goal won out.

Trinity Rodman had a breakout year on the USWNT, scoring 5 goals. She had a couple of goals that made the candidate list for goal of the year, and both of them finished 1-2. Her goal against South Africa secured 33 votes, just enough to beat out her second goal against Wales to win SSFC Goal of the Year.

Let’s take one more look at the best goal of 2023:

The full set of votes from the SSFC community:

Trinity Rodman 9/24 vs. South Africa - 33

Trinity Rodman 7/9 vs. Wales (2nd goal) - 29

Lindsey Horan 7/27 vs. Netherlands - 23

Lindsey Horan 10/29 vs. Colombia - 10

Mia Fishel 10/29 vs. Colombia - 9

Mallory Swanson 2/16 vs. Canada - 4

Alana Cook 4/11 vs. Ireland - 3

Jaedyn Shaw 12/5 vs. China - 3

Mallory Swanson 1/18 vs. New Zealand (1st goal) - 1

Sophia Smith 7/22 vs. Vietnam (1st goal) - 1

Congrats to Trinity Rodman, and hit the comments and discuss the voting results!