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USWNT remain atop FIFA world rankings ahead of Women’s World Cup

They will take the #1 ranking into this summer’s tournament.

Ireland v USWNT

The United States Women’s National Team are 41 days away from the start of their title defense in the 2023 Women’s World Cup, and they will do so with their preferred target on their back: #1. Today, FIFA released their final set of women’s rankings before the Women’s World Cup begins in New Zealand and Australia next month, and the USWNT held onto the #1 spot with 2090.03 points. They have a 28 point lead over 2nd place Germany and a 40 point lead over 3rd place Sweden.

The top 10 had some movement, with all teams competing alongside the United States in the World Cup. The top 10 women’s teams entering the tournament: USA, Germany, Sweden, England, France, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Netherlands, and co-hosts Australia.

The groups,

A - New Zealand (26), Norway (12), Philippines (46), Switzerland (20) (Average ranking: 26)

B - Australia (10), Ireland (22), Nigeria (40), Canada (7) (Average ranking: 19.75)

C - Spain (6), Costa Rica (36), Zambia (77), Japan (11) (Average ranking: 32.5)

D - England (4), Haiti (53), Denmark (13), China (14) (Average ranking: 18.5)

E - USA (1), Vietnam (32), Netherlands (9), Portugal (21) (Average ranking: 15.75)

F - France (5), Jamaica (43), Brazil (8), Panama (52) (Average ranking: 27)

G - Sweden (3), South Africa (54), Italy (16), Argentina (28) (Average ranking: 25.25)

H - Germany (2), Morocco (72), Colombia (25), South Korea (17) (Average ranking: 29)

Like the USMNT in the 2022 World Cup, the USWNT are in the strongest group by ranking in the tournament with an average ranking of 15.75. However, there are several strong teams that have the talent to win it all and deny the USWNT a 3rd straight title.

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