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Jermaine Jones gets American flag, star tattoo for World Cup

Jermaine Jones is ready for the World Cup.

Jermaine Jones is an American. He is a true American, and he is going to the World Cup with a big ol' AMERICAAAAAAAAAA on his knee.

Now tell me, would you mess with that. He has the power of Captain America, whiskey and bacon behind him now.

If you're a referee, are you going to look at that and give him a yellow card? I think not.

It took 15 years, but Jones has finally figured out how to avoid getting carded.

Or it's a pretty ugly tattoo in a really weird place on the body that most people would expect from a drunk kid who just turned 18, but we are not qualified to judge tattoos, or anything of this sort.

But there is a man who is. Let's go to him for his ruling.

The ruling is in, Jones gets an A (merican) +.

Plus, it's not like he got it on his back.