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Vote for USA World Cup bus slogan

Lame democracy is still democracy.

Christian Petersen

The very important decision of which slogan will be on the side of the bus the United States rides to and from matches and training at the World Cup is being left up to the fans*. And to the surprise of absolutely no one, the slogan options are lame.

Technically the bus slogans for all teams are being left up to the fans, but let's focus on the U.S.

FIFA has narrowed down the slogans to three, from which fans can vote for a winner. The options are:

- United by team, driven by passion
- Feel it believe it achieve it
- A team above all, above all a team

Then again, it could be worse. One of South Korea's options is, "Enjoy it, Reds!" Australia's, "We got this mates!" isn't much better, nor is Belgium's "Small country, great players!!!"

So it could be worse for the U.S. One of the options could be "Try really hard!!!"

But hey, it's a chance to vote on something (democracy!) that will be with the team (America!) at the World Cup (soccer!).