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Video: Jurgen Klinsmann addressing the USMNT after World Cup roster cuts

Excited? Somber? Awkward?


Jurgen Klinsmann sent seven guys home from training camp and as sad as that may be for the players who saw some of their friends' World Cup dreams crushed, it also meant that they were going to Brazil themselves. It was the ultimate in bittersweet.

And how did Klinsmann handle it? ESPN was there and has video of his talk with the 23 players going to the World Cup after he sent seven guys home.

Nobody looks more bored than Clint Dempsey. Then again, his place on the team was never in jeopardy.

There's not much that Klinsmann can say at that point. He had made his cuts and the team has three weeks to make sure they are ready for the World Cup. Klinsmann preached competition going into camp and while that is diluted some by the cuts, there is still competition for starting spots and playing time. That is what is next for Klinsmann and the U.S.

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