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Landon Donovan: Shocked at cut, thought he deserved World Cup spot

Landon Donovan isn't going to Brazil, but he doesn't think it wasn't a poor training camp showing that kept him from the World Cup team.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Landon Donovan was surprised that he was cut from the United States World Cup team, saying that he thought he deserved to make the team based on what happened in his nine days at training camp.

"I think if I'm being judged solely on what happened in camp, then I absolutely deserve to be going to Brazil," he said.

That opinion was in start contrast to the one expressed by Jurgen Klinsmann, who said that he thought the other forwards were a step ahead of him and his exclusion was solely down to production.

"Based on my performances leading up to camp, based on my preparation for the camp, based on my fitness, based on my workload, based on the way I trained and played in camp, I not only thought I was a part of the 23, I thought I was in contention to be starting," he said. "That's why this has all been pretty disappointing."

After a slow start to the MLS season, some wondered if Donovan never really had a chance to earn a spot on the World Cup team, having already convinced Klinsmann he wasn't up to snuff anymore. Others thought he simply needed an outstanding camp to force his way onto the team.

It wasn't completely shocking news that Donovan was cut considering how Klinsmann has spoken of him over the last two years. He's hinted at Donovan's struggles, his lack of understanding for Donovan's decisions and made it clear that the U.S.' all-time leading goalscorer wouldn't be gifted a place on the team.

Still, he would make the team if he had a good camp, most people figured.

Apparently not. And that has led some to question whether Klinsmann had a personal problem with Donovan that the player could never get past.

Donovan said he will not speak about being left off the team again and, barring injury, he will not be going to Brazil so what we have now is all we're going to have. Donovan thought he'd done enough to make the team, Klinsmann obviously did not.

Unfortunately for Donovan, Klinsmann's vote is the only one that matters.