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USMNT appears on Good Morning America

Michael Bradley, Tim Howard and Brad Guzan stopped by the Good Morning America set.

Every four years, the United States becomes popular enough that they can go on morning shows. It may have something to do with that whole World Cup thing. I heard it's a big deal.

This morning, Michael Bradley, Tim Howard and Brad Guzan went on Good Morning America, where they talked about basically nothing. The topics were: wow the World Cup is coming!, how cool are your fans and Bradley can juggle a ball. Thrilling, ain't it?

But while it is a totally inane couple minutes, it is still soccer on the No. 1 morning show in the country and an audience of more than five million. Things could be a lot worse and let's be honest -- the Good Morning America audience is not made up of many soccer fans. They can't talk to soccer fans because the people watching aren't soccer fans, but maybe some of them will find the players endearing, watch the World Cup and who knows if they might be soccer fans in four years.