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Ghana and Portugal friendlies match thread

The U.S.' first two World Cup opponents are playing friendlies today. Have a chat.

Mike Hewitt

The United States will play Ghana in 16 days and Portugal in 22 days. By the time they are done with both, they could have clinched a spot in the knockout stages ... or they could have already been eliminated from the World Cup.

With Germany expected to win Group G, Ghana and Portugal are the teams the U.S. is most worried about. Or focused on. Or whatever term you'd like to use.

Today, Ghana and Portugal will both be in action as they play their first pre-World Cup friendlies and, luckily for us, they will be available to watch here in the U.S. Ghana is set for a major test against the Netherlands, while Portugal will have their work cut out for them against Greece. Both matches kick off at 2:30 p.m. ET and can be seen on and Watch ESPN.

Ghana have a lot of options so these friendlies will be important for them as they try to sort out who their starting XI will be, while also giving us some insight as to who they're going to throw out there on June 16. Portugal don't have as many lineup questions and this friendly in particular is less important for them because they are dealing with a slew of injuries, including one to Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portugal team we see today will be very different than the one we see on June 22.

Want to get a look at what the U.S. will face? Today is your chance. Put on your scout hat, tune in and chat here. It's almost World Cup time.