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Michael Bradley to be in ESPN 'This is SportsCenter' commercial

One tweet, two important takeaways.

1. There is going to be a Michael Bradley "This is SportsCenter" commercial. It's not really a surprise considering Landon Donovan did one last World Cup and Abby Wambach did one for the Women's World Cup, but it's still awesome for Bradley to be a part of a great, iconic campaign.

2. Bradley is buttoning the top button.


The new white jersey has its problems, mainly in that it looks like a preppy white polo. Buttoning the top button just makes it that much worse. It's not the cardinal jersey sin -- popping the collar is -- but it cannot stand.

Jurgen Klinsmann needs to have a serious talk with the United States before the World Cup. These jersey shenanigans cannot go unpunished. Nike opened this door and Klinsmann needs to close it.