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USA will reportedly announce World Cup roster on May 30, but that seems unlikely

Jurgen Klinsmann will reportedly announce his World Cup roster on May 30, but that doesn't make much sense.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: U.S. Soccer has apparently corrected their initial release and nobody thinks it will be May 30 anymore.

Jurgen Klinsmann will announce his final 23-man World Cup roster on May 30, according to Jonathan Tannenwald. Tannenwald says announcement will be made in the 8 a.m. hour on Good Morning America.

If the U.S. does announce the roster on May 30, it would be a departure from the norm for Klinsmann. The U.S. manager has repeatedly waited until the last day possible to announce rosters, be it for friendlies, World cup qualifiers or the World Cup preliminary roster. The 23-man World Cup roster isn't due until June 2 so an announcement three days earlier would be a pretty significant change.

The U.S. plays Turkey on June 1 at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ so they will be in town for a May 30 Good Morning America appearance in New York, but it still doesn't fit Klinsmann's M.O. On top of that, Klinsmann would be announcing his roster before his second Send-Off Series match, something he doesn't have to do because he can wait until the day after the contest to announce it.

All in all, the May 30 date doesn't fit.

Four years ago, the roster announcement was made on SportsCenter, with all 23 players on the ESPN campus in Bristol, CT. That was made possible because the U.S. played their final Send-Off Series match in Hartford, CT so all the players were already in town, similar to the U.S. being in New York for a Send-Off Series match this time around, but the dates still don't fit, nor does it mesh with what we know about Klinsmann.