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Celebrities star in new ESPN "I Believe" USMNT World Cup commercial

I believe that we will win.

"I Believe" has become the rallying cry for the United States heading into the World Cup. Whether it's because it is the easiest chant the American Outlaws do, or it's a quick, short phrase, or ESPN has latched onto it, it's what will echo around the U.S. camp in Brazil.

It's also becoming increasingly clear that it will echo around the country back in the U.S. too. In bars, homes and even on movie sets where really famous people are doing really important things like making films for us to spend $12 on. Oh, and in baseball stadiums. And football stadiums. And basically everywhere.


ESPN recruited some celebrities for their latest World Cup commercial. Like Jon Hamm, Andrew McCutchen, Cam Newton, Whoopi Goldberg, Ice Cube, Rajon Rondo, Barry Sanders, Kevin Costner, Jimmy Kimmel, Hope Solo and Abby Wambach celebrities.

And guess what? it's awesome.

Especially Wambach because she loses her mind. And Newton and McCutchen. And everyone.