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World Cup opening match stream: Brazil vs. Croatia, it's finally here!



The World Cup is here! Finally.

The Untied States doesn't start play until Monday, which may be tough to stomach, but the good news is you can watch the opening matches without nerves. Just sit back, have a beer and love every minute of it.

The opening match of the tournament is Brazil vs. Croatia, which is really awesome. Of course, Brazil are the hosts and favorites, but Croatia is really, really good. With Luka Modric, Ivan Perisic and Mario Mandzukic, they have a chance to to stun the Brazilians. Plus, it's the first match with a giant home crowd in one of the biggest soccer countries in the world. If you don't love this, you are broken.

So just give it a watch and join in here. Talk about stuff, soccer or otherwise. Let's World Cup!

Of note: the last World Cup opener saw South Africa stun Mexico. It was great.