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Jurgen Klinsmann: USMNT players can have sex at the World Cup

Please put a sock on the door.

Amazingly, whether or not players can have sex at the World Cup has been a hot topic of conversation at this World Cup. It's not exactly new -- this is something that is talked about every four years -- but now it is a must-ask question to every manager and Jurgen Klinsmann has chimed in.

The United States players can have sex.

Klinsmann is going with a loose approach off of the field, allowing players' families to visit whenever they would like and even throwing BBQ's. This is the approach adopted by Bruce Arena in 2002 after a no families, no sex, all business set of rules in 1998 backfired, and it has been in effect ever since.

Carlos Valderrama has already chimed inon the issue, saying that having sex is key to relaxation at the World Cup, so the U.S. has a leg up now. And guess who can't have any sex? Mexico, that's right.

Advantage, USA.