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Cristiano Ronaldo has knee tendinosis

Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't just have an injured thigh.

Gualter Fatia

Cristiano Ronaldo has more than just an injured thigh. He also has knee tendinosis.

The Portugal star only played 90 minutes in two of Real Madrid's last 10 matches and was not training with his national team because of a bad thigh, but Portugal have revealed that it is more than just a thigh injury. He has knee tendinosis, although the extent is still unclear.

Ronaldo trained with Portugal for the first time on Tuesday, including some ball work, but he is not yet up to full speed. Portugal's first match is in just 12 days and they play the U.S. in 18 days so time is starting to run out. Odds are that he will be fit to play in the World Cup, but it looks increasingly unlikely that he will be 100 percent.

Maybe no team in the tournament is as dependent on one player as Portugal are on Ronaldo. At this time, there isn't a ton of information on the extent of his injury as Portugal just tell us the name of the injury and how much he trained, but, obviously, it will bear watching in the next few weeks.