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Michael Bradley in new 'This Is SportsCenter' commercial

Meet the luckiest kid in the world.

Every four years, the United States gets a player in a "This is SportsCenter" commercial. Last time around, it was Landon Donovan. This World Cup, it's Michael Bradley.

The language is limited, mainly because Bradley is not the most expressive player in the world, but it works. He keeps his game face on, which is what the commercial calls for.

Expect to see this commercial a lot over the next month and then for it to disappear forever. That's the norm at ESPN, these commercials don't get a long run, but more unfortunately, this may be the end of the U.S. "This is SportsCenter" spots. With the World Cup leaving ESPN for FOX after this tournament, and the World Cup being the time every four years that a U.S. player gets into one of these, this could be it.

Savor it, love it. Stare at that bald head. Let it blind you. If this is the last one, go out in a blaze of glory.