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Landon Donovan doesn't remember being left off World Cup team in Foot Locker ad

"Like they'd ever cut me. I'm the captain."

You may have heard that Landon Donovan didn't make the World Cup team. You also may have heard that he wasn't particularly happy about it (then again, who would be?).

But Donovan doesn't remember getting left off the squad. He had a great summer.

Donovan isn't over being left off the team. After all, when he announced his retirement last week he said, "I certainly wasn't going to let one person's poor decision this summer affect my decision."

So maybe his memory isn't that short, but at least he can poke fun at himself.

It's also remarkable that Donovan still has the marketing pull for this. He's starring in Foot Locker commercials while players who spent a month playing in the most popular World Cup this country has ever seen can't sniff a side role in an ad half as big. Donovan may not be the star some fans wanted him to be, but it's clear even now that he is the biggest American soccer has.