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Russia vs. Saudi Arabia, 2018 World Cup Day 1: Match thread and discussion

The stage is set...the World Cup is here!

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Soccer: World Cup - Practice Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

The day that we have been waiting for has finally arrived. The opener of the 2018 FIFA World Cup begins today at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow as Russia takes center stage against Saudi Arabia. Your World Cup brackets have been submitted and now the games begin. For Russia, it’s a chance to show the world that they are more than just the hosts served up as an appetizer for the rest of the world before the real matches begin. For Saudi Arabia, their preferred role is that of spoiler, to show everyone that they’re for real and should be a team to watch the rest of the way.

Who’s going to etch their name into the memories of the world by scoring first? This game actually is crucial for both teams, as a win gives them some buffer before they face Group A favorites Uruguay and Egypt. But, the opening World Cup match always comes with some extra pressure, and Russia will have a ton as they play in front of Russian President Vladimir Putin and attempt to showcase their style of play to the world.

How to watch

Location: Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

Kick-off time: 11:00am Eastern, 8:00am Pacific

Available TV: Fox (English), Telemundo (Spanish)

Available streaming: Fox Sports Go (App/Website), Telemundo (Website), FuboTV (Free Trial)

This thread will be your match thread. We don’t have many rules here. We just ask that you don’t insult each other personally and treat each other with respect. Debates can get heated and that’s fine, but name-calling and petty insults will get you banned. If you see a comment that you feel is out of line, please report it and it will be dealt with.