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2026 World Cup

Everything involving USMNT at the 2026 World Cup.

USA Soccercast, Episode 118: 2014 USMNT vs. 2023 USMNT

We welcome Eric Schmitz from the World of Concacaf Podcast to have the debate!

FIFA reveals 2026 World Cup brand logo

FIFA reformats 2026 FIFA World Cup to include 4-team groups

FIFA is tweaking the format of the 2026 World Cup to bring back the 4-team groups during the group stage.

USMNT officially auto-qualifies for 2026 World Cup

It was long assumed, but now it’s official.

Report: FIFA to abandon 2026 World Cup “Group of 3” format

There still will be 48 teams, but the original format appears to be abandoned.

Report: 2026 World Cup Final to be played at AT&T Stadium

JerryWorld could crown a world champion.

FIFA announces 2026 Men’s World Cup host cities

We know where the games will be.

SSFC Podcast, Episode 37: USWNT smashes Colombia again, 2026 World Cup host cities

And, the MNT prepare for Trinidad and Tobago.

Community Corner: Which venues should host the 2026 World Cup?

A decision will be made this year...what’s your pick?

Community Corner: What’s the best format for a 48-team World Cup?

When the World Cup expands to 48 teams, what’s the best way to do it?

FIFA should give U.S., Mexico and Canada automatic qualification to 2026 World Cup

Not doing so would set a dangerous precedent.

United Bid wins right to host 2026 World Cup

The world’s greatest tournament is returning to North America.

USA, Mexico, and Canada vs. Morocco: How to watch

The time is upon us...

World Cup 2026 Vote Preview

Let’s get this over with

Report: Morocco may be leading the race to host the 2026 World Cup

The success of the United Bid is far from certain

Sunil Gulati discusses concerns that politics will derail 2026 World Cup bid

Another reminder that the strongest bid may not win

Sunil stands firm, does not plan to resign

United 2026 World Cup bid narrows venue list to 32 cities

The possible World Cup venue list drops 9 cities.

Bid committee influence could sway host city choice for 2026 World Cup

Which cities will be included in the bid?

2026 World Cup Host City Bids Submitted

41 Cities in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico up for consideration

Potential 2026 World Cup host cities announced

49 stadiums, 44 cities, 3 countries, 1 tournament

Morocco set to bid for 2026 World Cup

The African nation joins the race as the deadline hits

CONCACAF’s 2026 World Cup bid fast track plan denied by FIFA

Looks like we’re doing this the old-fashioned way.

CONCACAF’s joint 2026 World Cup bid gains support from Oceania

Could the USA, Mexico, and Canada win the bid unopposed?

Which venues should host the 2026 World Cup?

Now that the joint bid is official, which stadiums in the USA, Mexico and Canada should host matches?

5 things we know about CONCACAF’s joint World Cup 2026 bid

We don’t know everything, but some aspects are clear.

USA, Mexico, Canada announce 2026 World Cup joint bid

They’re officially in.

WATCH LIVE: U.S. Soccer’s big announcement