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Mexico vs. USA match predictions: Bad news, America

The U.S. are huge, huge underdogs as they head to the Azteca.


The United States is going to the Azteca, which usually doesn't go so well. Our experts (a word we use loosely, or incorrectly), share their depressing predictions.

Ryan: Maybe it was winning in epic conditions on Friday or maybe it was Mexico's slow start to the Hex, but whatever gave U.S. fans hope they can win at the Azteca is setting them up for a hard fall. Despite Chepo's ... interesting decisions, Mexico's roster is still far superior to the Americans' and they always play well when under fire. Oh yeah, and it's at the Azteca. The U.S. will play them close for a bit, but when the match gets away from them it will really get away from them and Mexico will win 3-0.

Kevin: Chepo's tactics and team selections have rarely made sense under his tenure, and he'll probably do something dumb that gives the U.S. a chance. However, his team has the talent to overcome him, as they do regularly. 2-1 Mexico.

Zach: Given all of Mexico's stumbles of late I'd really like to say this is the moment fhat the US finally breaks the Azteca qualifying curse...but they won't. The loss of Jermaine Jones will hurt in the midfield and I'm not sure the US have the quality on the attack to break down Mexico. As for containing the Mexican attack, well, if Brad Guzan can stand on his head, you never know. I fear his defense if going to hang him out to dry a couple times. I'm just not optimistic about this game so I'm going with 2-0 Mexico.

Edited and revised group prediction: America 91-0!