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Jamaica vs. USA Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada "Torpedo" Extra IPA

A Torpedo to torpedo Jamaica.

By Dan Wiersema / Founder, Free Beer Movement

Tonight is the night.

That sounds like some gondola singer's line in Venice, but it's appropriate for what's on the line for the United States men's national team in Kingston, Jamaica.

For Jamaica it's win or their World Cup qualifying odyssey is in "beyond serious" trouble. For the Nats the need to play for the "W" while keeping a close eye on not blowing the draw. Dropping points at "The Office" like during the last round is not an option. It's no nail in the qualifying coffin, but it a blow to the momentum-generating win against Germany last Sunday and what we need to get in gear for home matches against Panama and Honduras in the next two weeks.

Without wasting your time let's get right to today's beer of the match.

Meet Sierra Nevada "Torpedo" Extra India Pale Ale. The Chico, California brewery is one of the "greats" and "originals". Their pioneering work on the hoppy side of beers has made their brand a staple even at bars that are allergic to craft beer. If you can't get "Torpedo" fill up your pint with the less, hoppy, flagship "Pale Ale". Draft, bottles, or even in a can Sierra Nevada's got you covered.

We chose "Torpedo" because we're hoping that tonight's match is the one that sinks Jamaica's World Cup hopes. The worse off the Reggae Boyz sit in the table the more distance we can put between us and them and securing our own qualification to Brazil.

Who's the lead Torpedo in the USMNT arsenal? It's none other than captain, my captain Clint Dempsey. He'd got the biggest balls of them all and he's putting them out there to secure passage to Brazil. Jozy is in tube two getting ready to follow up his banner performance against Germany.

Bottom line? Jamaica's got a mountain to climb in this match (the Sierra Nevada mountains?) and a loss for them means they're basically done-zo.

The U.S. needs to come out torpedoes a-blazin' and get the job done in Kingston. Their backline, set-piece defending, and attack need that "extra" something tonight or otherwise USMNT fans will be looking "pale".

What are you drinking for tonight's U.S. game?

Unless you're a hipster, you want to see soccer grow in America and what better way than the Free Beer Movement. Check it out and practice it.